Local SEO Marketing

Local SEO statistics to consider when marketing.

Local SEO is important for small businesses who’s majority of customer base or sales are not done online. With so many customers performing local google search queries, you NEED your site to rank well organically in search and local map results. Below are some statistics that should help motivate you to improve your small business website local SEO results.

Local search engine optimization tips and stats.

  1. 46% of Google searches are local.
  2. 97% of people learn more about a local company online than anywhere else.
  3. 80% of local searches convert.
  4. 90% of brands found that online reviews impacted local rankings.
  5. 61% of businesses say that generating traffic and leads is their number one challenge.
  6. 50% of business owners have seen incorrect information on their local listings.
  7. With local SEO conversion rates have been as high as 15% in some industries.
  8. 28% of local searches result in a purchase within 24 hours.
  9. 64% of your competition already has a local search presence.
  10. People are willing to pay 22% more for a local product or service if the business has a good online reputation.
  11. The average page in the top 10 local search results is over 2 years old.

Stats provided by: LocalIQ.com

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