Powder Coating Specialties

Powdercoating Logos & Metal Shop Logo Design

Nick came to 2Rivers for branding when she started Powder Coating Specialties at the beggining of 2020. After settling on an initial concept, we were able to finalize a logo design for Powder Coating Specialties in less than a week, and begin work on their custom website.

Industry: Metal Fab & Powdercoating
Location: Grand Junction, CO
Services: Powdercoating Logos Design, Web Design
Website: PowderCoatingGJ.com

Company Description: Powdercoating Specialties LLC was started with the goal of bringing affordable, dependable, and high-quality manufacturing and metal fabrication services to Grand Junction. We offer sandblasting and powdercoating services and have the biggest “cooker” in town. PSC has a unique and comprehensive understanding of even the most complex projects. Whether you need a custom roll cage for your RZR or have a need for a precision CNC or welder, we have the resources, experience to get the job done.

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