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10 Hours Of Graphic Design Included Annually!

Local SEO & Online Marketing Packages

Looking for a monthly website marketing package that will suit your business needs? 2Rivers offers website marketing packages to help grow your business both across the web and through your social media outlets. Whether it’s SEO and content marketing, social media marketing, Pay-Per-Click advertising, email marketing, or automating a workflow, we’ve got you covered.

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Monthly social media marketing and internet marketing packages.

Monthly internet marketing is expensive. To mitigate some of these costs, 2Rivers has comprised a monthly online marketing package that can be tailored to suit your business needs that may vary month to month.

2Rivers marketing in a facts nutshell.

  • Our marketing packages start at $500 a month.
  • 2Rivers Media hourly rate is $65.
  • Our monthly internet marketing packages give you 9 hours of professional marketing work a month. . . That’s $85 a month in savings or $1,020 a year.
  • Use your 10 hours where you want it. Want 9 hours of social media marketing? Fine, want to mix it up? That’s fine too, not every business is the same, which is why our marketing packages flexible to meet your business needs.
  • Clients who sign annual online marketing contracts will also receive 10 hours of credit to go towards design work on an annual basis that can be used for or towards a website redesign, more social media marketing, email marketing, content creation, and marketing or any other service 2Rivers Media offers. (This does not apply to website hosting fees)

Benefits of 2Rivers annual marketing plans.

  • Grow your business revenue monthly.
  • 1.5 hours of FREE work a month.
  • 10 hours additional/year of FREE design work. (Keep your website’s look updated yearly!)
  • Use the hours how you like. Website Redesign, Social Media Management or Marketing, SEO, Pay-Per-Click Ads, Email Marketing Campaigns or any other online monthly marketing services we provide.
  • Keep your online presence relative and updated monthly.
  • Get measurable results.

Mix and match online marketing services.

Monthly SEO Marketing

Search Engine Optimization is a long term investment. Done right, can create exponential growth for your business that is residual, unlike PPC advertising and paid social media ads. A comprehensive strategy will allow you to hold rankings, receive constant and growing traffic, and engage with interested consumers.

This level of SEO is achieved with unique original content, continuous site maintenance, and precise research. It is the foundation for which successful digital marketing can be built and all starts with your link structure. > More on organic SEO

Automate and Market On Social Media

Social media marketing is a must for all businesses in today’s times. Social media marketing is a way for your company and brand to not only promote your business in mass globally but allows you to create a personality for your brand, raise brand awareness while engaging with customers via content in the form of organic posts or paid advertisements. Today, social media management is essential for any business of any size. > More on social media marketing.

Monthly Newsletters & Email Marketing

Email Marketing made simple! We can create simple emails or full-fledged newsletters and send out to your current customers or potential customers. 2Rivers Media uses Constant Contact, Omnisend and Mail Chimp for email marketing. With their easy to use and cost-effective interface, these are the best two options available for email marketing. After all, time is money. > More on email marketing.

Blog And Content Marketing

Content marketing is not just words on a page. A website can only be as good as the content on it. Content marketing ranges from well you guessed it content, like what your reading right now, and visual content, such as photography and video for your website, social media, and other forms of online marketing. > More on blog and content marketing.

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