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Top Hunting Industry SEO Rankings.

Generate more traffic and leads for your business with organic search engine optimization (SEO). For over 5 years, 2Rivers Media staff has helped various outdoor industry companies rank at the top of Google search for 1000’s of keyword phrases, generating hundreds of thousands of site visits and millions of dollars in revenue for our clients.

When companies approach 2Rivers for SEO marketing, we’re often told, “I want to rank at the top” for target keywords which is normally followed up with, “what does it take?”. In short, what it takes, is a comprehensive marketing plan catered to your business and budget. You can read more on Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) here.

This article is intended to show you how important it is to rank at the top of Google Search and to show you how our hunting industry clients stack up.

So, How important are top search results?

The graph below shows the average click through rates for ads and pages that rank on the first page of Google.

Google Search Feature Click Through Rates
Ad Position 1 2.1%
Ad Position 2 1.4%
Ad Position 3 1.3%
Ad Position 4 1.2%
Search Position 1 39.8%
Search Position 2 18.7%
Search Position 3 10.2%
Search Position 4 7.4%
Search Position 5 5.1%
Search Position 6 4.5%
Search Position 7 3.4%
Search Position 8 2.6%
Search Position 9 2.4%
Search Position 10 2.2%

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So, How do our clients stack up?

First let’s talk about search queries. A search query is when someone types a keyword or keyword phrase into Google or Bing search. The results displayed below the search bar, both PPC ads and organic results are what are called queries. If optimized correctly, your website and it’s pages will show up for multiple search queries regardless of the targeted keyword phrase.

Now, on to impressions. This is how many people actually see your website and it’s links when scrolling through search results. Depending on where your webpage ranks for a specific query, will determine the amount of impressions that your website receives. There are a variety of factors that go into this with the two main factors being your page rank and how many people are searching for a specific keyword phrase.

For example, page rank for the search query “Climbing Sticks” bounces anywhere from 3 to 6. Where the query “Lightweight Climbing Sticks” has held the top spot for over a year. The difference? Even though “Lightweight Climbing Sticks” ranks #1 in Google Search, “Climbing Sticks” generates more impressions and clicks because it is searched substantially more.

Finally, click-through-rates. This is going to be the average number of times that your website is served for a specific query and how many times people click on it versus scrolling past onto the next website. Longtail keywords typically generate a higher click-through-rate as they are more specific to what the person searching Google is looking for. These keyword phrases not only have higher CTR, but also convert to more sales and leads.

So, how do our clients in the hunting industry stack up? The graph below shows a list of data pulled from Google Search Console which displays the number of search queries with page 1 Google rankings. The data is pulled from the prior 3 months, last updated April, 4, 2023.

Google Search Feature (Prior 3 Months) Page 1 Search Queries Search Impressions 582 132,457 885 216,547 221 18,931 282 32,299 647 123,920 60 10,112 355 47,705 133 11,911

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