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The old Cypress Slough website was non-responsive, contained out-dated photos, and current and potential clients struggled using the website to find the information they needed. Our goal for this redesign was to enhance the user experience, update the coding to create a “mobile first” website design.

Mobile Friendly, Responsive Taxidermy Web Design

The new site features areas for promotions, access to videos, and a thorough organization that ensure clients will be finding what they are looking for. Through the new outfitter website design upgrade we have noticed clients are spending 60% more time than with the previous website.

Client Spotlight:

Cypress Slough Taxidermy is a full service wildlife taxidermy studio, located in the heart of Brazos County in College Station, Texas. Cypress Slough Taxidermy offers everything from standard wall mounts to custom designed showpieces. Award‐winning taxidermy ready to service customers with the highest quality mounts available. The new Cypress Slough Taxidermy website design, content marketing and SEO/SEM services generate customers from Texas outfitters to your hunters across the nation.

Taxidermy Website Design | Texas Taxidermy Web Design | Hunting Website Design

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Taxidermy Website Design Services

No longer does the client have to know how to run a website. We take care of all the important details that are required of a website, allowing our clients now to focus on their products and services. For Cypress Slough Taxidermy we handle the month to month changes and updates to the website, we also assist the client in setting featured promotions.

Get 1:1 attention from 2 River’s dedicated outfitter website design project managers. We have an entire team of designers, developers, and marketing pros ready to jump on anything you need. You get unlimited updates to improve your site and we’re there for you 24 hours a day, five days a week. If your business thrives on online invoicing, subscriptions, and recurring billing, A managed outfitter website is the right fit for you.

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2Rivers Media® provides you with the tools that few other outdoor marketing firms can. We strive to make our custom websites the best out there, and it shows in our work. We offer a variety of different custom website design packages to our clients to help them outperform their competition. Bring us your website project and see how we can help develop your idea into full-fledged custom website design.

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Analytics & Reporting

Making decisions without clear insight is just guessing. We provide easy access to intelligent information that helps you answer strategic questions, build better processes, and make decisions that drive real improvements.

Reporting of the monthly gains to our clients has been one reason why 2 Rivers Media surpasses our competition. We strive on communicating with our clients every month and allowing them to decide how their budgets are spent. With the monthly reporting system, they feel more educated and a part of the over marketing strategy.

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Cypress Slough Taxidermy

Industry: Texas Taxidermist

Company Overview: Cypress Slough Taxidermy offers award winning taxidermy throughout the United States. From East Coast sea ducks to the black tails out west in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, CS Taxidermy has done it all.

Services: Responsive Website Design, Digital Marketing, Ecommerce Website Design, Email Marketing, Reporting & Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, Website Management.


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Web Design Services

A companies website is one of the most important marketing tools you can have. Websites allow you to operate around the clock. If investing in marketing, a solid, well-built website should be your first investment.


2Rivers Media executes Local Search Engine Optimization to improve your business rankings in search results. We accomplish this by creating a search engine friendly website that is responsive, light-weight, and SEO friendly.


We use drones to provide high-quality images and HD videos that supply innovative, never-before-seen angles that can offer countless advantages to any of your outdoor industry needs.


A well built CMS and eCommerce system can make or break your business. 2Rivers Media® eCommerce solutions make the shopping and checkout process a simple and easy for your customer.


A website can only be as good as its content. Content marketing ranges from well you guessed it content, like what your reading right now and visual content, like photography and video for your website, social media and other forms of online marketing.

Responsive Web Design

From customizing graphics for your existing website to wireframes and full graphic design on a newly created website 2Rivers Media offers complete graphics solutions for your next web project.


We have a firm understanding that a business thrives on numbers. At 2Rivers Media, we rely on great digital marketing performance to show through to your Google Analytics, ensuring your ROI.

Digital Marketing

2Rivers Media enables your brand to maximize advertising ROI and customer impact by implementing the latest digital marketing strategies, creating successful marketing that most have never experienced.


Email Marketing made simple! We can create simple emails or full-fledged newsletters and send out to your current customers or potential customers. 2Rivers Media uses Constant Contact and Mail Chimp for email marketing.

Pay Per Click

It’s simple to implement paid ads, but to turn that into an ad with an ROI requires knowledge and understanding of how and when to push the bar. Let our Pay Per Click add experts to ensure your goals are met.

Social Media Advertising

Social media marketing is a must for all businesses in today’s times. It’s a way for your company to not only promote your business in mass globally but allows you to create a personality for your brand.

Graphic Design Services

Graphic design is one of the most crucial aspects of developing your brand identity within your outdoor web design. Graphic design is also essential in creating compelling visuals that will engage your consumer base.