Why organic seo over ppc ads

Why Organic SEO over PPC ads?

The short answer: Because all organically created landing pages are residual links (as long as your website is “up and running” those links will be there. PPC ads are gone when you stop paying for them. SEO over PPC advertising has many benefits, with the only real downfall being time.

Organic SEO and landing pages

Organic content and SEO is just what it sounds like. Organically and originally created content, by you (our client), us (2Rivers Media), or a collaboration between us.

What’s best about organically created content? Simple really, it’s a one of a kind. Your masterpiece! No one else’s content is as good as yours (at-least after you hire us).

Not only does Google HATE duplicate content, but so does your audience! People want to see the “raw you”, and what makes you different than the rest or original within your industry.

We get it, not everyone is a writer, wants to write, or has the time to write content for their websites. We get that, but this content is a must and your landing pages need to “serve a purpose”, and not just for Google search.

Relay a compelling message

You can have a page atop Google search rankings and if it doesn’t “tell your story or message” correctly it won’t convert. Your companies message needs to be clear and concise.

Think of it as WHO, WHAT, and HOW

The WHO: This isn’t about who you are or your company is. WHO are you targeting, what is your target audience.

The WHAT: Obviously, what are you selling. WHAT product or service are you marketing.

The HOW: How in the heck is your product or your service going to better your customer’s lives and or experiences. HOW does your product/service benefit people.

A long term investment that pays off!

Search Engine Optimization is a long term investment. Done right, can create exponential growth for your business that is residual, unlike PPC advertising and paid social media ads. A comprehensive strategy will allow you to hold rankings, receive constant and growing traffic, and engage with interested consumers.

This level of SEO is achieved with unique original content, continuous site maintenance, and precise research. It is the foundation for which successful digital marketing can be built and all starts with your link structure.

Why Choose 2Rivers?

We build strong relationships between brands and consumers by creating the most effective, adaptive, and responsive digital experiences, that keep our clients ahead in a landscape that changes so quickly each and every day. Explore 2Rivers and witness how we combine technology, creative thinking, brand awareness, and marketing strategies to create effective websites that build businesses. Our team of creatives and strategists specialize in converting visitors into customers by bringing your brand to life through digital, social, and mobile experiences. Give us a call today to see how we can help bolster your google rankings and click-through rates for your Western Colorado business.

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