Why you should be using QR codes for your business.

Why you should be using QR codes for your business.

Most consumers and business owners come across QR codes at some point in their day to day life. Whether its on a business card, an instruction manual, or in the window of a storefront, QR codes can be seen virtually anywhere. These scannable codes tend to make both consumers and business owners lives a little easier, which is part of the reason for their popularity, and for good reason. Below we’ll dive into the world of QR codes and why your business should be using them, and how to maximize their effectiveness for your consumers with a couple examples.

So. What are the top reasons your business should be using QR codes?

  1. QR codes are extremely easy to use, and the easier you can get your consumer to your products or services the better for you, and them.
  2. These codes show your consumer that your business is “with the times” and tech savvy. Not still living in the 90’s.
  3. QR codes are extremely cost effective tool for your business.
  4. Analytics are everything in business. With QR codes, business owners can easily track the number of scans knowing exactly where your consumer traffic is coming from.
  5. They can help boost your social media following.
  6. QR codes can provide useful information without taking up space that print otherwise would.

QR codes are extremely easy to use.

Easy for both consumers and businesses. QR codes can take the hassle out of remembering long website URLs, making it easier for your customer to access and purchase your businesses products and services.

Show consumers you’re keeping up with the times.

We live in a digital age. Showing your customer that you’re “up with the times” is a great way to stay ahead of your competition and the technological curve. And, as mentioned above. They are simple to use, cheap to create, and can help automate your work life.

Speaking of cost effectiveness.

QR codes are downright cheap. Depending on how many you need, the number of scans, and customization requirements, you can create QR codes for as little as a few dollars a month. At 2Rivers Media, we’ve become fans of QR-Code-Generator as it has served our clients in various ways for a number of years.

Get real, accurate analytics with QR codes.

When a QR code is scanned, that scan is tracked within a database. This allows you as a business owner to see how many times a specific QR code is being used, making it great for magazine and other forms of print advertising where you would otherwise have to rely on customers telling you they saw an add or lead capture forms that ask them. And, with QR codes specific to certain ads in this case, you won’t be left wondering if you could have spent your money better elsewhere.

Boost your social media following.

You can utilize QR codes to easily link to all of your social media profiles, making it simple for consumers to follow, like and subscribe to all your content across various online platforms.

Save money on print literature while conserving space.

We mentioned being tech savvy earlier. QR codes can be utilized to send people to digital PDFs that can include everything from pamphlets to instructional content and everything in between. No more need for various tri-folds taking up counter space and costing you money. Although they still have their place…

Now that we’ve outlined the benefits of using QR codes, lets talk about where you can use them.

Common places QR codes are used by businesses.

  • QR codes on business cards.
  • QR codes for storefront signage.
  • QR codes in instructional content.
  • QR codes for business reviews.
  • QR codes for booking.
  • QR codes for magazine and print advertising.

Using QR codes on business cards.

One of the most popular places to use these codes is on business cards. These codes are cleaner than having multiple URLs that muddy up your business cards which are often your first point of contact in B2B sales. With QR codes you can easily get more customer reviews, send people to your website, or have someone schedule a service or appointment online.

QR codes for storefront signage.

Sometimes customers show up to your business outside of hours. QR codes on your storefront windows can be used to send people to your Google My Business listing where they can see your regular business hours, Google reviews and other content you share through your GMB listing. Businesses can also utilize them so customers can schedule an appointment online, or send that potential customer to view your social media channels where they can see all your social proof from prior and current customers.

QR codes for upsells in instructional content.

Using codes in print materials for instructional content can offer endless “up-sell” opportunities for your business. Just take a look at the example below.

QR codes for booking online.

As mentioned above. QR codes can be utilized to book consultation or services by simply scanning the code. Place the code on your storefront, print media, back of a product package or service pamphlet to allow your customers to easily make appointments or schedule a service call.

Collect more reviews.

This is a big one, and people can be lazy when it comes to this, which is why you need to make it easy. We are constantly asked how to obtain more business reviews, and as easy as possible. It’s funny how a “mistreated” customer will search high and low to leave a bad review, but when treated right, leave things unsaid. Using QR codes on business cards, storefront signage, laminated pieces of paper on your checkout counter, or simply plastered on the wall in your office can help boost the amount of reviews your business collects. Why is this? Simply because they don’t have to go out of their way to do so.

There are other countless ways for businesses to utilize QR codes effectively to help create and increase your brands awareness, as well as automate and make running your business a little bit easier so you can focus on growing it, not just running it.

If you have any questions about how to create one, why you should, or want someone to do it for you, contact 2Rivers today.