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Most digital marketers will agree that blogging is the best way to drive new and returning traffic to your website, and we tend to agree. After all, websites that currently have active blogs receive 97% more links than websites that don’t engage in content marketing. 2Rivers Media team of writers is versatile and responsible. At 2Rivers, we take time to learn your business’s inside and out so we can achieve a unified voice to better depict your companies goals and positioning online.

New, Creative Blog Writing And Content

A websites content success isn’t only about improving what your website visitors see. Fresh content creation is about optimizing what Google, Yahoo and Bing find “Under The Hood.” Your companies website pages should have a clear, well designed purpose for each page, which is imperative to your websites Google ranking success. Having keyword focused titles, alt-image tags, meta descriptions, fresh content and heading tags is not particularly difficult, it’s just time-consuming. Let the experts at Open Season help guide you in your content marketing and writing.

Content Marketing Pyramid

Our Approach To Content Marketing

1. Content Evaluation: The beginning phase is to conduct research and set benchmarks. We’ll conduct  interviews with you and your team to gather information and put together a preliminary content marketing strategy that gets you closer to reaching your goals.

2. SEO Planning: The second phase is to scope out projects and create an editorial calendar for your business.  Our team will use their research to identify the most effective means of reaching your goals.

3. Content Creation: Creating content is what we do best. Before becoming a web design and marketing agency, OSM was a performance SEO based business. During this phase, our creative writers will write, design and polish your website content. After you review it and provide feedback, we will make the appropriate changes before making your content “Live.”

4. Content Optimization: Optimizing content is different for all businesses, some things work better for some companies than others. In the last phase, we identify what works and do more of it. Open Season Media is constantly measuring your content against your KPIs to make sure we’re on the right track. We’ll work to optimize existing content on an ongoing basis and review and revise your strategy every 3 months as needed.

Content Marketing / SEO Essentails


Is your website responsive and MOBILE FRIENDLY? Does your website adapt to the size of the various screens and devices? As our technology and devices change, so do our viewports. Making sure your outdoor website design is seen in its best through a mobile responsive design is important. The whole point of looking up content on the go is it’s convenient, don’t inconvenience your visitors


There are many SEO benefits for providing the best possible user experience. Your website should be a easily navigable, clearly searchable site with relevant internal linking and related content. All the stuff that keeps visitors on your website and hungry to explore further. One of the biggest mistakes other companies make when writing new website content is writing specifically for search engines and not the consumer. We Optimize For The Consumer!


Does your website take more than 3 seconds to load? If it does you have a problem, 53% of people will leave your website if it doesn’t load within those three seconds, meaning your losing customers. Google has indicated site speed is one of the signals used by its algorithm to rank pages. In addition, a slow page speed means that search engines can crawl fewer pages using their allocated crawl budget, and this could negatively affect your indexation.Keep your visitors on the site longer with a faster web hosting.


Do you regularly publish helpful, useful articles, videos or other types of media that are popular and well produced? Do you write for actual human beings rather than the search engine itself? Well, you should. Your companies website pages should have a clear, well designed purpose for each page, which is imperative to your websites Google ranking success. At OSM we don’t just create content that readers enjoy, we create a variety of shareable content for social media!

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Content optimization increases efficiency by improving content quality. With content optimization, you can ensure that all of your content conforms to company standards and makes use of the approved terminology. Optimization leads to consistent content that’s grammatically and stylistically correct. After so many years in the business, we’ve developed an innate understanding of what makes content great. And we have a variety of tools and techniques to help you deliver outstanding content on every platform, in every language.

Fruit Stand Web Design

Perfectly situated in the heart of western Colorado’s fruit country, Alida’s Fruits offers a delightful combination of good old fashioned agriculture and modern entrepreneurship. “Farmer Bob” and Alida Helmer have spent years working the land, tending their orchards, and concocting a delicious variety of canned and dried products from the fruits of their labor.

  • Responsive Website Design
  • Ecommerce SEO
  • BigCommerce
  • Avalara Tax Integration
  • Clover Point Of Sale Integration
  • Product Training & More. . .

Other Web Design Services

Web Design Services

A companies website is one of the most important marketing tools you can have. Websites allow you to operate around the clock. If investing in marketing, a solid, well-built website should be your first investment.


2Rivers Media executes Local Search Engine Optimization to improve your business rankings in search results. We accomplish this by creating a search engine friendly website that is responsive, light-weight, and SEO friendly.


We use drones to provide high-quality images and HD videos that supply innovative, never-before-seen angles that can offer countless advantages to any of your outdoor industry needs.


A well built CMS and eCommerce system can make or break your business. 2Rivers Media® eCommerce solutions make the shopping and checkout process a simple and easy for your customer.


A website can only be as good as its content. Content marketing ranges from well you guessed it content, like what your reading right now and visual content, like photography and video for your website, social media and other forms of online marketing.

Responsive Web Design

From customizing graphics for your existing website to wireframes and full graphic design on a newly created website 2Rivers Media offers complete graphics solutions for your next web project.


We have a firm understanding that a business thrives on numbers. At 2Rivers Media, we rely on great digital marketing performance to show through to your Google Analytics, ensuring your ROI.

Digital Marketing

2Rivers Media enables your brand to maximize advertising ROI and customer impact by implementing the latest digital marketing strategies, creating successful marketing that most have never experienced.


Email Marketing made simple! We can create simple emails or full-fledged newsletters and send out to your current customers or potential customers. 2Rivers Media uses Constant Contact and Mail Chimp for email marketing.

Pay Per Click

It’s simple to implement paid ads, but to turn that into an ad with an ROI requires knowledge and understanding of how and when to push the bar. Let our Pay Per Click add experts to ensure your goals are met.

Social Media Advertising

Social media marketing is a must for all businesses in today’s times. It’s a way for your company to not only promote your business in mass globally but allows you to create a personality for your brand.

Graphic Design Services

Graphic design is one of the most crucial aspects of developing your brand identity within your outdoor web design. Graphic design is also essential in creating compelling visuals that will engage your consumer base.