Creating Your Businesses Apple Maps Listing

Set up your Apple Maps business listing in a few easy steps.

Local SEO is imperative for small businesses today. Before, you optimized your website for Google search, now, with Google Maps, Apple Maps, Social Media and other interactive search engines, you must optimize your business across all platforms. Set up your FREE, and easy Apple Maps business listing today by following a few easy steps.

Step 1. Apple Maps Setup.

Use your Apple ID to login. If you don’t have one, simply create an Apple ID so you can begin.

Step 2. Find and claim your place.

Search for your business by name in the text box presented on the page. You can also do a search by the street address if nothing comes up in the business name search.

Step 3. Enter your general business details.

In this step you will key in your business name, primary business phone number and business address.

Step 4. Apple business phone verification.

After completing step3, Apple will prompt you to either allow them to text or call you with a verification code to prove it is really you. If needed, you can opt to “Verify Later.”

Step 5. Confirm your businesses location so people can find you.

There are three categories to choose from, each with several business types. If you don’t see a category that fits, you can suggest one.

Step 6. Let people know when your open for business.

Simply set your businesses hours of operation so people will know when you are open.

Step 7. Get Social!

Enter all of your social media accounts, website links, and other URLs here.

Step 8. Review your business information.

That’s it! You’ve done everything you need to set up your Apple Maps business listing. Now people can find you when they search nearby services or businesses using their Apple Maps search.

How do you get reviews on your Apple Maps business listing?

Apple Maps pulls reviews from your Yelp business listing page. If you do not have a Yelp business listing, you will need to create an account on for your company. After your Yelp account is set up, you can start promoting your profile. Social proof is everything these days. Automate your businesses reviews to showcase how good your services are across the web.